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Not Gozilla. It’s Mozilla…
Innovation and continuous improvement could always bring something.
Who imagined the market share of Internet Explorer sinking in 2001?

Mozilla’s Firefox web browser surpassed 20 percent worldwide market share for the first time last month, according to new data from Net Applications. That’s a huge milestone for the open source web browser, which was first released (the 1.0 version) by Mozilla almost exactly four years ago (November 9, 2004), at a time when Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had a choke-hold over the web browsing industry with a market share well over 90 percent.

Today, Firefox is firmly the second most popular browser out there. It continues to gain share even at a time when other companies are releasing new browsers on a wide range of new devices. Apple, for example, has seen great growth in mobile web browsing on its Safari web browser built for the iPhone. Meanwhile, gaming systems like Sony’s Playstation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii have web browsers built in as well (the PS3’s is built by NetFront, while the Wii’s is built by Opera).

Firefox hits 20 percent market share as Internet Explorer continues to sink

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  1. All browsers might go bust but never will

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