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Monthly Archives: May 2009

In Mercer Consultings annual Quality of Living Survey, Europe once again dominates the list of 215 countries around the world.  The top city in Asia is Singapore, at no. 26. No cities from Africa or South America are in the top 30.

No. 1: Vienna, Austria
No. 2: Zurich, Switzerland
No. 3: Geneva, Switzerland
No. 4 (tie): Vancouver, Canada
No. 4 (tie): Auckland, New Zealand
No. 6: Dusseldorf, Germany
No. 7: Munich, Germany
No. 8: Frankfurt, Germany
No. 9: Bern, Switzerland
No. 10: Sydney, Australia
No. 11: Copenhagen, Denmark
No. 12: Wellington, New Zealand
No. 13: Amsterdam, Netherlands
No. 14: Brussels, Belgium
No. 15: Toronto, Canada
No. 16 (tie): Ottawa, Canada
No. 16 (tie): Berlin, Germany
No. 18: Melbourne, Australia
No. 19 : Luxembourg
No. 20: Stockholm, Sweden
No. 21: Perth, Australia
No. 22: Montreal, Canada
No. 23: Nuremberg, Germany
No. 24: Oslo, Norway
No. 25: Dublin, Ireland
No. 26 (tie): Singapore
No. 26 (tie): Calgary, Canada
No. 28: Hamburg, Germany
No. 29: Honolulu, U.S.
No. 30: San Francisco, U.S.

Apple hijacks the top of the New York Times by triple AD banners this morning. They have famous Mac and PC guy, “Hair Growth Academy” Before and After guy. After their funny conversation, another triple banners pull the reader’s intention to Apple site.



I’ve just gotten my posterous account.

Abbey Klaassen writes about interesting promotion practices using Twitter to pump up local businesses on Advertising Age. Naked Pizza, a New Orleans healthful pizza shop has recently started to track Twitter-spurred sales at the register, and they found out that an exclusive-to-Twitter promotion brought in 15% of the day’s business.

“Every phone call was tracked, every order was measured by where it came from, and it told us very quickly that Twitter is useful,” said Jeff Leach, the restaurant’s co-founder. “Sure, there’s the brand marketing and getting-to-know-you stuff. … But we wanted to know: Can it make the cash register ring?”

Michael Farah, founder and CEO of Berry Chill, a yogurt shop with three Chicago locations, has been using Twitter to send out “Sweet Tweets” promos that require users to show they’re Twitter followers of the store. In a month, he’s logged 700 followers and, he said, “sweet tweets” haven’t diminished his daily sales.

The potential of Twitter will be proved through every kind of Twitter promotions by global companies and local companies. In Japan, Dell Japan has launched their Twitter, and now, they have 2,197 followers that could be increasing fast by adding more product news or exclusive promotions. The market of mobile phones in Japan is unique comparing to other countries, and mixing Twitter and mobile phone promotion could have a huge potential. As a matter of fact, McDonald’s Japan has successed in their mobile phone promotion distributing daily coupons.
I think that Twitter’s immediacy fits marketing mix using mobile phones in Japan.

Twitter Proves Its Worth as a Killer App for Local Businesses

Now, contents downloaded on Vuze can be played on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, PS3, Xbox 360. I feel like I don’t need DVD rental shop like Tsutaya (most popular DVD/CD rental shop in Japan managed by Culture Convenience Club) anymore. However, I think it will take more time till the network service standing on BitTrent client takes over conventional rental shops like Tsutaya because of English language wall. Or it might be difficult to take over. The average English capability of Japanese is inferior to those of other nations, and most Japanese need Japanese subtitles when they watch movies.