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David Meerman Scott introduced Flip video camera in his latest post, and mentioned that some companies have started with providing cameras to employees and even customers.

It could be interesting if we use it for customer generated campaign.

Flip Video Camera

A Flip Video camera in every marketers and customers pocket

It might not be a right choice to spend more than $600 for a high definition video camera anymore depending on what we record and how to use it.


  1. If your not a professional or a perfectionist you probably wont notice but although hard drive based HD digital camcorders do allow for lightning fast transfers and no 1:1 capture times if you had lots of movement of the camcorder itself during your filming there will be a noticeable slow down of your footage during said movement. It is not a big deal 99% of the time but if your home movies normally look like an episode of cops its valuable information.

  2. There are dozens of digital camcorders on the market today; however, there are few clear or consistent guides to which ones are the best quality and most reliable. Well, Which Digital Camcorder? has personally tested and evaluated these digital camcorders so to give you an easy and simple recommendation of which ones you should choose and which ones you should avoid.

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