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In Mercer Consultings annual Quality of Living Survey, Europe once again dominates the list of 215 countries around the world.  The top city in Asia is Singapore, at no. 26. No cities from Africa or South America are in the top 30.

No. 1: Vienna, Austria
No. 2: Zurich, Switzerland
No. 3: Geneva, Switzerland
No. 4 (tie): Vancouver, Canada
No. 4 (tie): Auckland, New Zealand
No. 6: Dusseldorf, Germany
No. 7: Munich, Germany
No. 8: Frankfurt, Germany
No. 9: Bern, Switzerland
No. 10: Sydney, Australia
No. 11: Copenhagen, Denmark
No. 12: Wellington, New Zealand
No. 13: Amsterdam, Netherlands
No. 14: Brussels, Belgium
No. 15: Toronto, Canada
No. 16 (tie): Ottawa, Canada
No. 16 (tie): Berlin, Germany
No. 18: Melbourne, Australia
No. 19 : Luxembourg
No. 20: Stockholm, Sweden
No. 21: Perth, Australia
No. 22: Montreal, Canada
No. 23: Nuremberg, Germany
No. 24: Oslo, Norway
No. 25: Dublin, Ireland
No. 26 (tie): Singapore
No. 26 (tie): Calgary, Canada
No. 28: Hamburg, Germany
No. 29: Honolulu, U.S.
No. 30: San Francisco, U.S.

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