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I haven’t posted for a long while as I have been so busy.
I have had a lots of new and exciting experience through these few months, and now, a bit settled down to add a new post.

I’ve found an interesting tweet today, and want to post on it. I found Tom Wilson’s new post through Richard Florida’s Tweet, “Twisdom: Twitter Wisdom.”
As I wrote in my past post, I like the analogy to consider a social media referring to the real place, and was impressed with Tom’s latest post on Huffington Post, and quote is as follows.

The popular social media website Twitter has turned into the world’s greatest cocktail party, and no one has to clean up afterwards, or even pay the tab. It’s the new electronic campfire we sit around to talk and laugh and even sing. It’s an endless conversation like no other, and it’s just starting to pick up steam.

I feel like as if I’m in such a great cocktail party while I work at my office with colleagues all over the world, and that might be reason why I have such an actual feeling with the engaged information linkage by tweet and retweet.

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